Dark Data, Blockchain, AI, IoT, Quantum Computing, Digital Detox, Digital Transformation, Mobile First, SD WAN, Elon Musk, Chatbots, VR/AR, Alexa, Wearables, Sharing Economy, Autonomous Vehicles, HDFS, AWS, Machine Learning, Ransomware, Devops, Customer Experience, 5G, Personalisation, Synergies (of anything)…

Do you find yourself rolling your eyes, sighing, or complaining about yet another overhyped technology, organisation, person or methodology? Do you sometimes think that some things are more hot air than proven and deliverable?

The Emperor’s New Clothes Awards is about exposing the hype in the technology market. Vote for what you think is the most overblown, overhyped aspect of the technology world in 2018. Words, people, technology and processes…

Vote now!


If you are not familiar with the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, you can read it here.

Voting closes 30 September, with ‘winners’ announced after that.

Posted by Teresa Cottam

Teresa helps B2B service providers improve their commercial results and the customer experience they deliver through research, insight and analysis that builds effective strategy. She is a judge of the GSMA GloMo's for customer experience and enterprise innovation, and for the UK Cloud awards. You can follow her on Twitter @teresacottam

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