Infovista has announced TEMS for Industry 4.0 – a new range of solutions that address the lifecycle needs and challenges of vertical markets moving towards wider use of connected applications and processes. The solution provides an advanced toolset for network deployment, optimisation and operations for connected applications across public and private 3G, LTE and 5G networks.

“The push towards Industry 4.0 is bringing new verticals into the realm of wireless connectivity and with it a need for skills and tools to ensure everything works as expected for a next generation of connected applications,” says Steve Bowker, SVP Global Networks for Infovista. “TEMS has been trusted by network operators for over 20 years and our Industry 4.0 solution has been designed to help industrial customers design, deploy and scale reliably without performance issues, while minimising business disruption by finding and fixing problems quickly.”

TEMS for Industry 4.0 is aimed at a broad range of verticals including mining, ports, agriculture, transit, safety, rail, transportation and fleet operations. It offers a diverse set of elements to meet the needs of different use cases, including:

  • Data Collection Hardware: probes, phones and custom-designed hardware on which the active test and monitoring software runs are available in different form factors to support various test environments and use cases.
  • Data Collection Software Clients: active test and monitoring software clients that can be embedded to test and monitor connectivity of connected industrial applications.
  • Active Testing: active testing software enabling layer 1 to 7 end-to-end network and application testing, supporting attended and unattended use cases.
  • Connectivity Test and Monitoring Orchestration: a centralised platform enabling management, control and real time reporting & analysis of the connectivity testing and monitoring data.
  • Connectivity Data Analytics: insightful post-processing & analysis of collected data using the TEMS products or 3rd party solutions.
  • Predictive Connectivity: analytics and data used to de-risk mission critical application design and increase reliability and performance during operations.

TEMS for Industry 4.0 is currently being trialled by a number of automotive manufacturers, ports and mining companies and will be generally available in July 2020.

Infovista provides network performance solutions that deliver visibility and control over networks and applications. It has 1,500 enterprises and service provider customers – including 250 of the world’s top mobile network operators.

Posted by Morgan Lewis

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