Effective bill communications can increase loyalty, reduce operational costs, boost revenues and support innovation. Find out how in our new thought leadership report.

Households are evolving into smart lifespaces where people live, work and play supported by an increasing range of technology. Find out how to unlock the opportunities and discover how this impacts on segmentation, pricing, products and bundles.

A new type of business customer is emerging that blurs the lines between B2C and B2B. Smaller than microbusinesses, but growing exponentially, are you ready for the rise and rise of the nanobusiness?

The boundary between B2C and B2B is blurring. Customers often do not identify with service provider segmentations, find them too rigid and not aligned to the reality of how they live, work and play. Find out about the challenges and what comes next.

Personalisation is evolving. Do you understand the different stages and why it should be applied to both B2C and B2B relationships?

This paper introduces a new cybersecurity category – User Isolation Protection . By refocusing on the user, organisations can move from mopping up breaches to proactively preventing future incidents.