Research and content

Omnisperience experts provide strategic and tactical  analysis, with an emphasis on providing critical and objective insights into digital experience. Our objective is always to link experience back to business value.

Primary research underpins all our insights, and we’re fussy about how we do it. When researching we’re careful to select people who are actually doing the job, or are engaged in the experience. We do not use generic marketing lists and vendor opinion (unless we’re researching vendors of course). We’re also careful to ask the right questions. The results are often thought provoking and provide unique insights into key market or industry trends.

We combine our research with the experience, knowledge and expertise of industry experts to deliver hard-hitting reports, well researched and impactful white papers, insight papers and data papers.

This research is utilised by companies to gain insight into their performance, to discover key trends, problems and opportunities in their target market, and to improve the way they go-to-market. They also utilise our research as engaging content that helps them educate, inform or engage prospects and clients.

Key deliverables include:

  • primary and secondary research into digital experience
  • analysis and interpretation of research findings
  • hard-hitting white papers, insight papers and data papers
  • presentation of research findings in online briefings, client meetings and webinars.

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