Telefonica and Huawei partner for SD-WAN

Telefonica’s Business Solutions unit is working with Huawei to develop a Network Service Platform and CloudVPN.
The solution is based on Huawei CloudEPN (Enterprise Private Network) which supports CloudVPN and SD-WAN solutions. An overlay network solution, it enables customers to monitor and manage third-party public or private networks via a web portal, with added security features built in.
Telefonica will rollout the solution initially in Argentina and Chile, before making it available in the rest of LATAM and Europe. Telefonica currently has around 5.5 million business customers globally and targets enterprises of all sizes. Its Business Solutions unit also  provides wholesale and roaming solutions.
Huawei’s All Cloud Network Architecture for Business was unveiled just before Mobile World Congress 2017. It comprises ubiquitous connections, an open cloud platform and a social technology application. The solution includes CloudFabric, CloudDCI, CloudCampus, CloudEPN and EC-IoT.
According to Huawei, CloudEPN provides a one-stop enterprise interconnection service plus value-added services on-demand. Its platform can be used to request network connections, define bandwidth adjustment policies and apply for resources. Service requirements are automatically assigned and delivered. CloudEPN supports application-based intelligent traffic scheduling – assigning services requiring high-quality links to leased lines and those with lower bandwidth needs to Internet links. For enterprises this can reduce the cost of WAN bandwidth by as much as 50%, the company claims.
Huawei says its platform can reduce order-to-delivery from a typical 30 days for a traditional leased line to almost instant availability in minutes or hours. It also says the solution reduces onsite maintenance costs by 90%.
This announcement is the latest phase of an ongoing partnership between Telefonica and Huawei for Cloud services. See for example Agreement to Promote Migration of Traditional IT Services to the Cloud.
For more information on Huawei’s offer see Huawei SD-WAN.