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January 2021 – Security & assurance

Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam introduces the new CCAPS category|
Michael Downs from Positive Technology talks about the importance of network security|
Tom Davison from Lookout talks about mobile security

Previous issues

December 2020 – Customer Experience focus (Part 1)

Capita’s Alan Linter talks call centres, CX innovation and metrics |
Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam introduces the new customer experience category DCES|
Conversity’s Haj Muntz talks about why it’s so important to pay attention to buying and onboarding |
Verizon’s Radha Sankaran discusses how Verizon is innovating CX |

November 2020 – The opportunities from the Smart Lifespace (Part 2)

Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam introduces the Evolution of Personalisation |
Senior Analyst Colin Mann discusses the opportunities from CPE |
Angel Fernandez from Allot explains the security requirements of the smart lifespace and the opportunity for CSPs to make additional revenue from securing it |
Paul Coffey from Scotland 5G talks about the role of 5G in healing the digital divide

October 2020 – The opportunities from the Smart Lifespace (Part 1) |
Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam defines the smart lifespace |
Livia Rosu from the Homegrid Forum on how we can deliver faster network experiences and the importance of standardising the CPE |
Gino Dion from Nokia about the network requirements to support demanding smart lifespace services such as gaming and how service providers can monetise this opportunity

May 2020Stabilisation post COVID-19
Dominic Smith from Cerillion on business model innovation|
INCA’s James Saunby on the role of the independent network sector |
Ben Toner on the opportunities from Wi-Fi 6E |
Teresa Cottam on the nanobusiness opportunity

March 2020How COVID-19 is impacting the B2B telecoms market
Omnisperience opinion |
Jake Levant from Lightico on how COVID-19 is accelerating the move to a fully digital experience |
Thomas Neubauer and Dima Alkin of TEOCO on drones, the impact of rising data volumes on telecoms networks and how CSPs are adjusting to COVID-19|
AJ Nash from Anomali on the increase in risk

February 2020 – Updates and ideas
Teresa Cottam presents an introduction to the Nanobusiness |
NTT Ltd’s Matthew Gyde gives an update on their plans in the managed security space |
Jan Webering introduces his plans for Avenga |
F-Secure’s Tim Orchard talks about how the security market is changing

January 2020 – IoT Focus
Omnisperience update from Kevin Bailey |
BICS’ Mikael Schachne on IoT roamin |
Ashley Bowen on deploying LoRa WAN |
WND’s Peter Clarke on connected devices and the Sigfox Network

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