The Digital Economy is touted as the land of opportunity. For telecom service providers, however, it has heralded an era of hyper-competition that has eroded the value of traditional services and plunged them into unknown territory.

Barriers to entry have lowered, alternatives are abundant, prices are easily compared and commoditized, change is continual, and customers are both more demanding and more willing to churn.

The result is a consumer-centric ‘Expectation Economy’, where customer experience is the new battlefield for both differentiation and loyalty. Thriving in such an environment means rethinking how telecoms firms do business and harnessing all available tools and touchpoints to deliver competitive advantage.

As communications service providers (CSPs) evolve into digital service providers (DSPs), the question is: ‘what does this mean for the humble bill?’

The answer is that it too is transforming: from a hated thud on the carpet into a digital communication that is both more powerful and more engaging. To do this successfully, however, DSPs need to know what customers expect from their bills, in order to meet the needs of the 75% of customers that are currently bored by them.

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Our free report, Transforming the billing experience to meet the needs of digital customers, sponsored by Brite:Bill, explains how DSPs can meet the needs of digital customers to deliver much-needed differentiation and competitive advantage. It also provides insight into the needs and expectations of Generation Z.

Posted by Teresa Cottam

Teresa helps B2B service providers improve their commercial results and the customer experience they deliver through research, insight and analysis that builds effective strategy. She is a judge of the GSMA GloMo's for customer experience and enterprise innovation, and for the UK Cloud awards. You can follow her on Twitter @teresacottam

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