Avenga – the new Marvel(lous) MSP

Yes it sounds like something out of a Marvel movie, but four managed service providers have merged to from what they call “a new international digital transformation services firm.” It sounds like fighting talk, and to underline the point they’re calling it Avenga.
Kontrakt, Sevenval, CoreValue and Solidbrain have united under the new branding, backed by funds from Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Partners. The combined entity now has 2,500 staff across 18 offices spread across the US, Europe (Germany, Poland and the Ukraine) and Asia (Kuala Lumpar), with its HQ in Cologne. The firm’s service portfolio ranges from IT consultancy and technology services, including building apps and software products, customer experience, solution engineering, digital transformation and managed services. 350 customers span the pharmaceutical, healthcare, real estate, automotive, media and financial services industries.
CEO Jan Webering says: “We regard centralised corporate management as obsolete. We combine the speed, flexibility and innovative power of a start-up with the implementation expertise and delivery processes of an experienced and large provider. Avenga acts as an agile ecosystem, creating a collaborative platform where companies can find the exact expertise they are in search of for their digitalisation projects.”
As Tony Stark famously said: “I have a plan: ATTACK.”