Lumeon has announced that it is partnering with Medtronic to support European healthcare providers moving to more efficient, value-based care models.

Medtronic Integrated Healthcare Solutions (IHS) enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care settings, such as cardiac catheterisation labs and operating rooms, while optimising patient pathways and care delivery from the time a patient is referred for treatment to the time he or she has fully recovered.

This partnership will see Medtronic’s IHS business leverage Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) Platform to operationalise care pathways for surgery optimization and chronic disease management. This will allow healthcare providers to create more effective care coordination that reduces the cost of care delivery while minimising unplanned variation in care. Lumeon’s CPM platform ensures that every patient stays on a personalised plan of care throughout his or her entire healthcare journey. It leverages intelligent automation and orchestration to manage a shared plan of care across multiple teams and settings, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource required for each individual patient in real-time.

“As the global healthcare market undergoes a transition from activity-based reimbursement to outcome-based reimbursement, providers are faced with the challenge of reinventing their business models while delivering care that ensures high-quality clinical, operational, and financial outcomes,” explains Robbie Hughes, founder and CEO at Lumeon.

Frederic Noël, VP, Medtronic IHS EMEA notes that his company is working with 100 hospitals in Europe that are in the process of developing evidence-based, best practice-informed pathways to deliver better  outcomes for the lowest possible cost. “To help our customers embed these pathways in daily practice and apply them at scale, across their patient groups, we need more than pathway reference models and change management services. We must provide them with solutions to digitalise the pathway, and automate and orchestrate multi-disciplinary care delivery.”

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Posted by Morgan Lewis

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