DataKom and Pinnacle Telecom have announced their intention to merge operations under the DataKom brand to create a £10 million business.

DataKom MD Jay Ball will lead the new entity which will be based in Bridgend.

“We have combined two excellent businesses to form a Welsh telecom powerhouse that will offer products and services to help future-proof organisations. By combining these two businesses, not only can we look after organisations across the whole of Wales in a more progressive and technology-focused manner, but we can attract and nurture the best Welsh talent that will enhance careers and improve the digital skills of our people.” Jay Ball, MD, DataKom

The two businesses have slightly different focuses, with DataKom being known for cloud-based telephony whilst Pinnacle has focused on legacy and on-premise solutions. The company says that by combining their expertise they will be able to meet a broader range of needs for Welsh businesses.

DataKom will have the backing of Southern Communications Group, which will give it better buying-power for hardware and technology services.

Posted by Morgan Lewis

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