Broadband Genie reveals best broadband networks in UK

Full fibre provider Hyperoptic has been named the fastest broadband provider in the UK in the Broadband Genie home broadband awards 2020.
Broadband Genie analysed 91,000 speed tests from BroadbandUK and found Hyperoptic had an average download speed of 211Mbit/s and an average upload speed of 166Mbit/s. These speeds clinched both the ‘Fastest Ultrafast Provider (downloading)’ and the ‘Fastest Ultrafast Provider (uploading)’ awards for the firm.
Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie congratulated Hyperoptic on their performance, commenting: “Hyperoptic is laying the groundwork to help build an infrastructure capable of handling our future digital demands. In a time where we’re more data-hungry, access to fast reliable broadband is essential.”
Charles Davies, MD ISP, Hyperoptic commented that his company were pleased to win the awards at a time when customer demand for high upload and download speeds is rising: “The beauty of our full fibre broadband is that we can offer symmetrical speeds, with unmatched reliability and customer service,” he said. “With the advent of 4K media services, gaming and the dramatic proliferation of multiple connected devices in the home, the customer need for high upload and download speed has never been greater”.
Tofts noted that while Hyperoptic’s speeds were impressive, not everyone is lucky enough to receive Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) – highlighting the performance of other winners as providing critical capabilities for UK homes.
Other award winners:

  • Zen Internet – fastest downloads in the superfast and standard broadband categories
  • Sky Broadband – quickest superfast broadband upload speed
  • Post Office – fastest standard broadband upload speed.

Omnisperience’s view
Home broadband is not only important for consumer applications such as streaming video (sVoD) but is also critical for the UK’s homeworkers (see Flexible working still a huge opportunity for B2B telcos). With increasing numbers of people working at home at least some of the time, and the rise of the nanobusinesses, service providers need to consider how they can support these needs, including adding additional services to provide a complete homeworking solution and thereby adding both value and stickiness.
This is continually undermined, however, when service providers focus all their efforts on customer acquisition. Giving new customers promotional deals and ‘rewarding’ existing customers with a price hike in Year 2 makes no sense. Customers expect to be rewarded for loyalty not punished,  and it’s in Years 2 and 3 that customers become more profitable for service providers. Driving churn by offering promotions to new customers only means service providers lose out on longer, more profitable relationships and the ability to sell additional services to their customers. This creates a negative cycle that sees them continually hunting to replace lost customers to maintain their market share, rather than farming a happy and loyal customer base and focusing their efforts on real growth.
More details of the awards can be found here: Broadband Genie Awards