Striim announces new security features for streaming data integration platform

Striim, a vendor of a streaming data integration platform, has announced a new version of its software (Striim 3.9.8) which, it says, strengthens it offering and improves data security, data accountability and extensibility.
The Striim platform is an enterprise-grade streaming data integration solution for moving data in real time to the cloud and other targets. It enables the continuous ingesting of high volumes of streaming data from diverse sources (both on-premises and in the cloud), and provides stream processing and transformations to support cloud adoption, and multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructures, as well as Kafka, Hadoop, and NoSQL integrations. It can continuously collect data from enterprise databases (using non-intrusive change data capture), log files, cloud applications, messaging systems and sensors, and deliver this to virtually any target on-premises or in the cloud with sub-second latency.
Striim 3.9.8 enables a host of new features, including more fine-grained and robust use of passwords and encryption to provide end-to-end data protection, particularly in hybrid cloud environments. New features includes:

  • A new secured repository for passwords and encryption keys (Striim KeyStore) which centralises the administration of encryption keys
  • Strengthening of algorithms for password encryption.
  • Stronger encryption algorithms for inter-node cluster communication.
  • Multi-layered application security, which enables exported applications that contain passwords or other encrypted values to be protected with a second level of encryption.
  • Striim FileWriter, which provides encryption for permanent files based on customer-provided keys. Encryption for the intermediate temporary files using Google Cloud Storage Writer is also provided.

“Moving and deploying cloud-native applications is part of next generation digital transformation. More often than not, these new applications require data feeds from existing on-prem operational systems. As enterprises embrace their cloud strategy, they face challenges around data security, data accountability, scalability and real time data synchronisation,” said Alok Pareek, founder and EVP of Products at Striim. “With this release, Striim is raising the bar on enabling world-class protection of data streaming at-scale, across both on-premises systems and cloud environments for digital transformation.”
Striim’s customers include Sky and Orange Money. It was founded in 2012 by a team that includes core executives from GoldenGate Software (acquired by Oracle in 2009), Informatica, Oracle, Embarcadero Technologies and BEA/WebLogic.
More details of the new release are available here.