Sigfox has launched its 0G network in the Russian Federation.

The newly-formed Sigfox Russia, with backing from digital venture capital company Energo Capital,  will use ultra-long coverage base stations to create a nationwide 0G network that will cover more than 85% of the population, large industrial sites, transport hubs and corridors. This will allow millions of sensors, metering and other devices to connect through low-power, simple and inexpensive radio modules.

“Russia is a key country not only because of market size, which is predicted to grow to $7.6 billion in 2022,” notes Bertrand Ramé, Senior Vice President Expansion & Partner Management at Sigfox, “but is also very important for the digitalisation of thousands of kilometers of railway corridors within the Belt and Road Initiative, all the way through the Baltics and Poland to Western Europe”.

Transportation and logistics IoT services are a  key focus for Sigfox, which believes that its presence in Russia will help drive regional digitalisation. “Within the global digital ecosystem, Russia is acknowledged for creating and delivering innovative IoT technologies and product,” comments Ramé.

The availability of the global 0G communication standard in Russia will contribute to the implementation of the National ‘Digital Economy of the Russian Federation’ programme, which is aimed at stimulating the development of the Russian digital ecosystem and reducing the costs of implementing IoT solutions by adapting global best practices. The presence of Sigfox will strengthen the export potential of Russian companies developing and manufacturing IoT technologies and products. Sigfox is also offering Russian device and platform manufacturers the opportunity to join its global ecosystem of suppliers by participating in Starter and Build programmes where developers can gain an idea of each stage of product creation and can access technical documents, online instructions and assistance on certification.

The company plans to provide coverage in areas where it is impossible to create terrestrial 0G communication networks – such as Taiga  – by using the future ELO nanosatellite constellation, deployed and operated by Sigfox in partnership with Eutelsat.

Sigfox currently operates in more than 70 countries on 5 continents, transmitting 26 million messages daily from 15.4 million IoT devices. It offers solutions for verticals such as transport, logistics and supply chain, commercial real estate management, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, ground handling of airports, company insurance, energy and utilities, social and municipal sectors.


Posted by Teresa Cottam

Teresa is the Chief Analyst at Omnisperience and has over 25 years' experience in the telecoms and technology markets. She is an expert on SME and enterprise telecoms, and has considerable vertical market expertise. Her research focus lies in helping B2B telecoms firms become more commercially successful by better understanding and meeting their customers' needs. She is a judge of the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GloMo's) for customer experience and enterprise innovation, and for the UK Cloud awards. You can follow her on Twitter @teresacottam

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