Eletronet is a provider of high-speed data traffic and transit services over its 17,000km fibre network, with 164 PoPs across 18 states in Brazil.  It is  one of the largest IP transit providers in Brazil, currently serving more than 670 ASNs (Autonomous System Number) mainly comprised of ISPs.

Eletronet recently deployed intelligent automation software from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to help manage its Internet Protocol (IP) network more efficiently. Blue Planet’s Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) software is being used to enable Eletronet to identify and diagnose network issues faster, giving Eletronet real-time visibility of its IP/MPLS network and enabling it to anticipate and avoid routing problems. Eletronet can also simulate failure and traffic growth scenarios. This improves reliability and allows Eletronet to guarantee connectivity to its customers.

“Blue Planet provides a seamless and comprehensive software solution that allows us to anticipate red flags in our network ahead of time, which has increased our network failure response rate by 95%,”  said  Anderson Jacopetti, Eletronet’s CTO. “Investing in this new solution enables us to rapidly respond to network issues while still delivering high quality IP services to our customers.”

Posted by Morgan Lewis

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