Cerillion lights spark for Ignition

Ignition Group, one of Africa’s largest providers of technology, media, telecommunication and financial services, has announced it will use Cerillion technology to support its MVNE business unit, MVN-X. The company will use Cerillion’s Convergent Charging System and Enterprise Product Catalogue modules from its Enterprise BSS/OSS suite.
MVN-X currently supports ten South African MVNOs, which together have more than 400,000 subscribers. However it has ambitious growth plans – aiming to double the number of subscribers supported in 2020. To deliver this level of growth, it realised that it needed to upgrade its online charging system (OCS) to support new options such as balance sharing and balance transfers, as well as enabling its MVNO customers to become fully self-sufficient and speed their time-to-market.
“The market is in a growth state and, with our new system in place, we are expecting further growth to circa 800,000 subscribers in 2020 and anticipate reaching more than 1 million active subscribers by the end of 2021,” said Valde Ferradaz, CEO of MVN-X.
The new solution – Cerillion’s Convergent Charging System (CCS) – is a 5G-ready diameter native OCS that enables rapid integration to the host network, reduces complexity and streamlines operations. Cerillion’s Enterprise Product Catalogue will provide a platform for MVNOs to design and build their own offers, whilst staying within the constraints set by MVN-X.
“Cerillion is delighted to be working with MVN-X and their parent company, Ignition Group,” said Cerillion’s CEO, Louis Hall. “MVN-X is an established and successful MVNE and we’re excited to be deploying our Convergent Charging System to help drive their growth. We recognise the challenges CSPs face in a competitive market and CCS has been designed to be both functionally rich and easy to use, with only a small operational footprint. We know that these benefits will increase MVN-X’s competitiveness, reduce their time to market, and ensure high customer satisfaction as it continues to grow.”