Telia launches commercial 5G in Sweden

Telia has announced that it has launched commercial 5G in Stockholm, with initial services in the 700MHz band boosted by LTE and New Radio (NR) carrier aggregation. Services will be available in most of central Stockholm by mid June 2020, with Telia aiming to enhance and supplement its offering with additional nationwide 5G coverage, including mid- and high-bands, following a spectrum auction in the second half of 2020.
Telia is using Ericsson as its infrastructure partner, having already worked with the network equipment provider on previous 5G deployments. For example, the two companies delivered Sweden’s first live 5G network at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and partnered with Volvo to enable Sweden’s first industrial 5G network. Telia Norway is also using Ericsson’s RAN equipment for 5G.
“Our networks have never been more important to lives and livelihoods, than now,” said Telia’s CEO Allison Kirkby. “Telia’s 5G launch lays the foundations for the next phase of digital transformation, with innovation, sustainability and security as three critical pillars, and we are proud to be doing this launch in partnership with Ericsson. As we roll-out 5G across Sweden, we will open up new user experiences and accelerated innovation in areas such as entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and transport, that will collectively strengthen and protect everyone living and working in Sweden, and Swedish competitiveness in the world.”
The launch takes Ericsson to 37 live 5G networks in 22 countries. Ericsson has 91 commercial 5G agreements, of which around half (48) are publicly announced 5G deals.
It’s notable that Telia has ensured that its 5G network will be powered entirely by renewable electricity, accredited by the Swedish Environmental Protection Association’s Good Environmental Choice mark. This is in keeping with the industry’s undertaking to reduce its environmental impact as part of its innovation strategy. (see also  Could bluer skies be here to stay?)