Requirements for User Isolation Protection

Last month Omnisperience announced a new cyber security category – User Isolation Protection (UIP) – whose purpose is to allow seamless digital engagement while proactively securing the user and their data from cyber abuse. The feedback we have received has been very positive, including critical discussions focused on how organisations can transition their operations to take full advantage of UIP.
In the recommendations section of the UIP Green Paper we proposed that organisations should review the ‘User Isolation Protection – Requirements Selection Process’ Green Paper, which will help you chart your journey when considering alternative solutions that meet the requirements of User Isolation Protection.
Unless you are a start-up business, your operations are likely to already have many of the constituent elements required for UIP, although these may be contained within a core product that hasn’t been specifically implemented to address the UIP layers. This means that you will need to ascertain if you can repurpose existing systems (something we call ‘system renovation’) for UIP.
This new Green Paper continues to advocate that companies need to evolve beyond traditional approaches to cybersecurity that focus on features and single risk areas. Instead, they need to realign offerings around a new purpose, which is to protect the most vulnerable target of attacks – the user. By protecting the user and making security intuitively and automatically part of the user’s digital experience, companies can move from mopping up breaches and firefighting cyber attacks to proactively preventing future incidents that critically damage data, systems and businesses.
Our new Green Paper on ‘Requirements Selection for User Isolation Protection’ is intended to supplement our User Isolation Protection Green Paper, which explains the concept of UIP. The purpose of this paper is to explore how to deliver UIP, how to repurpose existing systems when taking a UIP approach, and how to procure new systems to fill in any gaps when delivering UIP. We also include examples of vendors whose products address the ‘Access’ and ‘Execute’ layers of UIP.
Download: Omnisperience Green Paper_Requirements Selection