Akamai Technologies acquires Asavie

Akamai is buying Asavie, a vendor of security, performance and access policy management for mobile and internet-connected devices in an all-cash transaction. Asavie’s mobile, IoT and security platform will become part of Akamai’s Security and Personalization Services (SPS) product line, which is sold to service provider partners to embed within the technology bundle they sell to subscribers.

Asavie’s services support the Work Anywhere trend, automating the creation of self-service, private, network-based services that secure access from mobile and internet-connected devices to applications and data. This software doen’t require any installation or management by the client and is particularly well-suited for regulated verticals such as healthcare, financial services and education.

“We believe the addition of Asavie will help Akamai’s carrier partners address enterprise and mid-market customer demand for IoT and mobile device security and management services,” said Akamai’s CEO Dr Tom Leighton. “What’s notable about the Asavie solution is that, as more IoT devices connect over cellular and 5G, it’s been shown to be very easy to scale and protect them.”

Asavie is a privately-held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Omnisperience’s opinion

There is huge potential for telecoms service providers to add SECaaS to their product bundle, offering it as a managed service to SMEs and those working at home. This supports the Work Anywhere trend. Critically such a service should be fully managed and not require the client to configure , update or install the service. Telecoms service providers are ideally placed to offer this type of cybersecurity service because of their existing relationship with customers and their control and knowledge of the network, CPE and devices.

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