Exacaster boosts telco offer management performance with launch of AI-powered marketing solution

Lithuanian marketing automation software vendor Exacaster has launched a new AI-powered application – Top Performance NBO App – to help telecoms companies create profitable, personalised marketing offers for their customers.

The solution is based on Exacaster’s Customer 360 CDP (Customer Data Platform), which enables telecoms firms to easily import and manage key customer data such as satisfaction ratings, social media activity, devices, OTT usage, purchase & billing information and digital service usage to create personalised customer profiles. Exacaster’sTop Performance NBO utilises this data to automatically generate optimised and personalised customer offers. Native integration with digital channels and common marketing tools is available out-of-the-box.

Saruna Chomentauskas, CEO, Exacaster

“Telcos have been eager for this kind of solution for years,” says Exacaster’s CEO Saruna Chomentauskas. “They knew about the potential advantages locked inside big data and predictive analytics, but nothing – until now – put the pieces together in a rapidly deployable and workable way.”

Executing Next Best Action/Next Best Offer (NBA/NBO) strategies have historically been an arduous task for telecoms marketers, requiring considerable manual effort and delivering variable results. According to Chomentauskas, typically almost half the offers currently made are unsatisfactory to either the customer or the telco, with 30% of customers dissatisfied with the offer they receive and 20% grabbing an offer that is too generous and therefore less profitable than it should be. This sub-optimal process has been one of the key reasons for revenue stagnation in the telecoms industry, he says.

Exacaster’s solution significantly increases the speed, agility and accuracy of the offer management process, enabling dynamic, personalised marketing campaigns for tens of millions of customers to be deployed in as little as a day. Exacaster says early adopters have experienced NBO acceptance rates of 50-90% for postpaid contract renewals and 5-10% boosts to ARPU – delivering rapid ROI.

The solution includes:

  • Gap Radar, which automatically finds price point gaps in telco portfolios and can be configured to analyse the entire customer base or a specific segment.
  • Offer Manager, which includes a range of offer types such as rate plans, handset upgrades, retention offers and add-ons.
  • Recommendations Library, which matches offers to customer needs, including tailored mobile rate plan recommendations at the segment or individual level.
  • Strategy Designer, which enables instant reactions to changing market conditions, combining and prioritising recommendation algorithms for rate plans, handsets and VAS based on business needs.
  • Courier, which ensures the best deals are offered across all customer touch points (such as web, mobile apps and CRM).
  • Deal Radar, which enables sales and marketing professionals to monitor how well they are meeting customer needs and driving business results, including impacts on conversion, churn and ARPU.

Exacaster says it is so confident its new solutions will meet the needs of telecoms firms that it is inviting them to try it for free until the end of Q1 2021.

Omnisperience’s opinion

This is a good example of a Digital Communication & Engagement Solution (DCES) that delivers the win-win of a more appealing customer offer that is also operationally cheaper for the telecoms firm to provide as well as being commercially optimised.

Omnisperience would categorise this as being within DCES-1, the Marketing & Sales Centre of Excellence of DCES.

DCES Centres of Excellence

Effective communication & engagement is a huge commercial issue that impacts on digital service providers’ top and bottom lines – saving them huge sums of money, accelerating
time-to-revenue, and maximising sales. Find out more in our new green paper.

Has the telecoms industry learnt any lessons about successful commercialisation and the importance of innovating experience as well as technology?

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