14 top tips for better B2B PR

As analysts we often get asked our opinion of PRs and ARs and what in our opinion makes a great PR. So we polled our Omnisperience analysts, as well as journalists and analysts we know well, and put together some top tips for better B2B PR. We hope you enjoy them!

We hope you enjoyed that little run through of some common mistakes we, the consumers of your craft, experience and complain about. If you’d like to get your juniors up-to-speed and improve their skills, Omnisperience offers both distance and on-premises training to PR teams, giving them chance to interact with experienced analysts and journalists and hear our advice on how to improve their skills direct from the horse’s mouth. This is particularly valuable for time-pressed agencies where senior staff are too busy to spend sufficient time skilling up juniors. Currently we have four offerings in this area, but we also do custom training:

  • introduction to AR
  • improving your AR and PR skills
  • how to write a better press release
  • how to write a better awards submission

For more information on one of our standard courses, or to discuss custom training, please contact Sami at sg@omnisperience.com