IoT Continuum promises to simplify deployment of IoT

Orange, Sierra Wireless, LACROIX, and STMicroelectronics have announced a new partnership dubbed ‘IoT Continuum’, which has the aim of simplifying and accelerating the mass deployment of IoT over 4G and 5G. The partnership brings together all the elements of the IoT ecosystem – connectivity, hardware, software, design and manufacturing – into one solution. The partners say this approach will speed up the deployment of IoT in vertical markets such as smart building, automotive, health, smart cities and smart manufacturing.

IoT Continuum partners have established a process to increase the confidence of businesses adopting IoT by reducing uncertainty, complexity and costs. They will:

  • Promote eSIM and 5G technologies to drive Massive IoT.
  • Provide any business with a set of components and solutions validated on the Orange network, along with the necessary industrial tools to deploy wide-scale IoT services on cellular networks.
  • Provide pre-integrated building blocks, including hardware and software (STMicroelectronics, Sierra Wireless), connectivity and IoT Services (Orange), design and manufacturing (LACROIX).
  • Provide guidance and expertise to ease the overall process and help customers maximise their benefits to scale IoT deployments economically.

The partners stated that they believe that by combining their various expertise and knowledge they are able to create a “joint and unique” offering to meet market demand and deliver successful large scale IoT deployments on cellular networks.

Omnisperience’s View

Omnisperience welcomes the IoT Continuum partnership. To date, IoT has been too difficult for B2B customers to consume – slowing market development. We believe making adoption as easy as possible is essential for future success, and this means taking a more productised “building blocks” approach to speed the buying and deployment of IoT, as well as reducing the cost and risk of managing it. This will ultimately be beneficial for all customers, but is particularly important in making IoT accessible to the mass market of medium sized and smaller enterprises.