Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator Connect aims to make IoT connectivity easier

Ericsson has launched a new IoT platform – IoT Accelerator Connect – which it says delivers a reliable and secure cellular IoT platform to empower enterprises to scale their IoT businesses. As the name suggests, the platform aims to make connecting IoT simpler – thereby accelerating IoT adoption.

Kyle Okamoto, GM of Ericsson

Kyle Okamoto, GM of Ericsson IoT, explains: “By offering plug-and-play simplicity, Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connect marks a major leap in transforming access to IoT connectivity. This solution covers connectivity of devices, networks and clouds, while removing hurdles for enterprises, CSPs, hyperscale cloud providers, resellers and module vendors, to accelerate the growth of their IoT businesses.”

Ericsson says IoT Accelerator Connect will transform sales, automate business processes within the IoT ecosystem, and serve user needs by offering plug-and-play access to cellular IoT connectivity, providing instant onboarding of enterprises and one-click connectivity options.

It will deliver what Ericsson terms “a unifying layer of packaged services” to minimise complexity for enterprises and empower developers with instant access to the connectivity best-suited to their specific use case, coverage and service levels. The solution makes it easier for devices to be connected to the customer’s network of choice, as well as to public cloud endpoints such as AWS and Azure. Features include:

  • eSIMs automatically localised to a CSP partner’s network
  • self-service onboarding via IoT Accelerator Connect Hub
  • a developer portal that enables enterprise developers to build their own IoT applications with the help of tutorials, tools and code samples
  • easy embedding of cellular IoT connectivity into solutions (via Embedded Connect).

Omnisperience’s View

Ericsson’s new offering is a welcome addition to the IoT landscape. Few doubt the long term potential of IoT but it has been a technology that has been big on promise and short on profit for a long time. Changing that situation means simplifying the complexity of choice and making it easier to consume IoT. This new offering from Ericsson does just that. It’s all about unleashing the potential of IoT by exposing the capabilities Ericsson has developed over a long period to make it easier for enterprises and developers alike to accelerate their IoT innovation. And what is good for them is also good for Ericsson’s 35 CSP partners.

Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst, Omnisperience

“Making IoT easier to consume is a fundamental step in unleashing its full potential. IoT Accelerator Connect from Ericsson is akin to opening Pandora’s box – setting free the capabilities needed to make IoT a success. They just need a shorter name for it.”

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