Iskratel expands into UK

Slovenia’s Iskratel has announced that it is expanding into the UK FTTH market. The company, whose footprint extends to 50 countries including Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, has identified an opportunity to support tier 2 operators and altnets connecting the UK’s rural areas.

Simon Higgins, Iskratel UK

Iskratel’s UK branch will be headed up by Simon Higgins. Higgins commented: “We’re excited to bring our complete end-to-end fibre access solutions to the UK, and the recent expansion in the city of Liverpool will bring added flexibility and regional support for operators to efficiently roll-out ultra-fast connectivity in underserved areas of the UK.”

Higgins says Iskratel is well positioned to address the needs of the UK market with highly scalable XGS-PON/GPON OLTs and a range of ONTs, as well as extensive expertise and experience in deploying open-access FTTH networks in rural and underserved areas. He adds: “As a leading European provider, Iskratel’s solutions are the perfect fit to meet the needs of Tier-2 operators with our expansive and customisable range of FTTH technology that includes OLTs, ONTs and passive equipment. With our Research and Development and manufacturing centres across Europe, Iskratel will help unlock future growth for operators across the UK.”