Bouygues Telecom deploys premium CPE with help from Technicolor Connected Home

Bouygues Telecom has partnered with Technicolor Connected Home to develop and deploy an Android 4K UHD set-top box (STB) – Bbox 4k HDR – with integrated WiFi features to deliver premium video experiences to French consumers. 

Bbox 4K HDR will allow Bouygues Telecom customers to experience reliable IPTV-over-WiFi, boosting their enjoyment of high-quality TV and Android TV services and applications, including over-the-top video content and gaming. 

Laure Joslet, Marketing VP for Residential Market, Bouygues Telecom

Laure Joslet, Marketing VP for Residential Market at Bouygues Telecom, explained that Bouygues Telecom began with a concept and design for this new STB, before approaching Technicolor Connected Home to make it a reality. “The teams from Bouygues Telecom and Technicolor Connected Home worked together successfully to develop an innovative and enhanced user experience for this next-generation STB platform, connected via WiFi to the gateway, which will deliver premium services and experiences demanded by French consumers,” she said. 

Mercedes Pastor, SVP Technicolor Connected Home

Mercedes Pastor, SVP for the Eurasia Customer Equipment Business Unit of Technicolor Connected Home, says her company’s ultimate goal is to help CSPs deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers by creating best-in-class customer premises equipment (CPE). 

“This project illustrates the innovation that continues to emerge from the strategic partnership between Bouygues Telecom and Technicolor Connected Home during the last several years,” she added. “This new STB platform–based on Android OS technology–offers greater flexibility that enables Bouygues Telecom to keep the device continually updated with state-of-the-art features and allows subscribers to enjoy the latest innovative services and experiences available in the market.”