Greece’s EETT re-engages iconectiv

Greece’s Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) has signed up to utilise iconectiv’s TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse service for another five years.

The firm has a long history of supporting the Greek number portability facility, enabling an average of 15,000 ports a week (750,000 each year).

iconectiv’s TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse service is designed to enable regulators to quickly introduce and efficiently administer number portability while simultaneously simplifying the process for service providers. The service uses a centralised (CDB) approach to number porting, providing an easy-to-use, secure and scalable platform that meets all regulatory mandates and national number portability requirements.

Greece was one of the early adopters of number portability, which it has provided to customers since 2003. “In addition to greatly benefiting Greek residents, number portability has boosted innovation and created a stronger communications marketplace,” commented Peter Ford, Executive Vice President at iconectiv, who added that his company were delighted to be continuing their long-standing relationship with EETT.

Greece is just one of the countries using iconectiv’s cloud-based number portability service, and has opted to utilize it for both fixed and wireless numbers.