Omnisperience is a UK-based independent industry analyst firm that takes a fresh approach to research and advisory projects by helping its customers better understand their market and, as a result, become more profitable. Our experienced analysts focus on digital service providers (DSPs) in the telecoms, media & technology sector (TMT), providing insight that helps them reimagine their businesses and improve their commercial success. Omnisperience engages and inspires – delivering Value From Experience.


  • The global B2B telecoms market – including wholesale, enterprise, government & public sector, and SME
  • The global B2C telecoms market (in part) – we cover households as part of our smartspace coverage, particularly Work from Anywhere, microbusinesses and nanobusinesses. We also cover connected home
  • The global media industry – including CPE, the B2B side of the media industry (media firm’s needs around connectivity and storage) and content security
  • Cybersecurity – where this is related to telecoms service providers and including CCAP
  • Telecoms software – BSSOSS.


  • Handsets
  • Network technology – only QoS/QoE and what networks are used for. We do cover the rollout of new broadband networks
  • Executive appointments.


Although we will be covering ad hoc topics in our coverage areas, we have two main themes in 2021 that build on our current coverage and expertise and which are in line with the needs of DSPs:

  • Monetisation opportunities – we are looking at services that offer revenue-generating opportunities today. The first of these will be our upcoming focus on CCAP, a new cybersecurity category that is being delivered by DSPs and which offers immediately monetisable opportunities. We will also focus on packaging and pricing, and ways to accelerate time-to-revenue. Coverage in this area includes our new CCAPS category, as well as work on pricing & packaging of media
  • Customer experience – we focus on how DSPs can engage customers and provide the type of experience they now expect. For us, improving customer experience is a commercial imperative for DSPs. Our analysis in this area kicks off with the new DCES category, which looks at one tangible aspect of customer experience – customer communication and engagement – and explores different aspects of this. We will also be reissuing our highly successful and ground-breaking analysis on the future of customer care in mid 2021.


Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst

Teresa Cottam leads the research & analysis at Omnisperience. She is a renowned expert on customer experience, employee experience, customer communications & engagement, pricing, packaging & bundling, billing & charging.

Teresa is a judge of the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards (GloMo’s), the UK Cloud Awards, and the World Communication Awards. She has over 25 years’ experience advising about and analysing the global telecoms market and previously held senior positions at Telesperience, Analysys Mason, Chorleywood Consulting, Informa and Ovum. She has worked with a wide range of global telecoms brands including tier 0, 1, 2 and 3 service providers, network equipment providers, software vendors, management consultancies, investors and industry bodies.


Podzine – We have a limited number of (free) interview opportunities each year for our monthly podzine. Vendors are limited to one appearance per year so that we can fairly share the slots that are available. If you’re interested in taking part, please send a pitch to Teresa.

Story pitches – please add us to your press release list. You can pitch stories at us on an ad hoc basis. We cover a selection of industry news on our blog.

Briefings – we do not charge for briefings, but we do have a finite capacity to take these. Please enquire about availability with Teresa or the relevant analyst.

Sponsorship – we try to make as many services as possible free at the point of use because we believe all DSPs should be able to access good quality analysis. We are only able to do this, however, thanks to industry sponsorship. Sponsorship is not pay-for-play (please ensure you understand the difference).  With industry sponsorship we are able to develop fresh, engaging thought leadership and primary research that is free to all DSPs and the wider industry. Our sponsors are able to co-brand this research and distribute it, can make it available for download from their website, and give out copies at shows. However, they do not dictate the messages or meaning of our content (please see our independence statement). Prospective sponsors should send enquiries to Sami Gharres for more information and pricing.

Quotes – we are pleased to provide quotes for press releases and articles. We do not charge for these but will decline to quote where we do not believe we can add value. Quotes provided by us should not be altered without our permission.


Teresa Cottam: (for editorial enquiries, briefing requests, press releases and DCES)

Colin Mann: (for Media Industry enquiries)

Sami Gharres: (for sponsorship enquiries, and for cybersecurity/CCAP)

Morgan Lewis: (for IoT and smartspace enquiries)

Danny Dicks: (for BSSOSS – please send enquiries to Teresa)