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Omnisperience is a specialist analyst house and consultancy that engages with B2B digital service providers to deliver better digital experiences and improved business performance.

Omnisperience advises on current and future opportunities, explains and analyses emerging trends, and provides clear advice on the market dynamics that are set to accelerate or disrupt the digital experience.

We cover topics that help digital service providers address the needs of enterprise, government, wholesale, SME, micro and nanobusiness customers including:

* The Future of Work - Working from Home, Working from Anywhere, smart lifespace and smart workspaces

* Customer Experience - customer service, lifecycle management, customer commmunications, 'selfie' technologies such as self-service, self-personalisation and self-configuration, QoE

* Revenue Maximisation - new revenue streams, bundling & pricing, value-added services, IoT

* Security and Trust - including ID verification, onboarding, DDoS and network security, device (endpoint) security, and security as a value-added service

*The future of media monetisation - including copyright in the digital age, content security, CPE strategy, QoE for content, bundling, pricing & billing strategies

Our readership is global, reaching 115 countries and territories.
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