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Having the knowledge doesn’t mean it’s the right knowledge

The DCMS oversight committee is too heavily weighted towards the Media side of the department’s portfolio with no member having a technical background even though they’re overseeing tech strategy and spending

The digital divide sees North & Scotland less able to scrutinise and advise on tech policy

The North & Scotland has little ability to scrutinise decisions made by the DCMS, with the South having 3 times as many representatives on the DCMS Select Committee

Airtagging is another eg of why tech needs more women

Inclusive design is not just ethically the right thing to do, it’s commercially the right thing to do. It stops us making stupid, costly and dangerous mistakes. Which is why investors should be asking tech firms how many women are involved in design

Why a policeman’s lot is not a happy one (aka personalised support 101)

Trust is a two-way street. But CSPs don’t have to trust blindly – they have data to base decisions upon and technology that makes lying unprofitable

It’s not subscribers that are the problem Netflix, you’re just bad at bundling, pricing and charging

Teresa Cottam looks at how streaming media providers still haven’t grasped the need for more customer-centric approaches to pricing

The telecom identity crisis

Telecoms is increasingly struggling to describe what it is and what it does, and that’s a problem

All change in Italy

The competitive Italian market is experiencing “deal fever” with Telecom Italia, Vodafone and Iliad all in play

Nokia says there’s still a lot of value to squeeze out of 4G in Africa

Whether their African customers choose to upgrade to 5G or rollout more 4G, Nokia says its got them covered

Why phone locking technology is key to unlocking Africa’s mobile future

Trustonic’s CEO Dion Price explains why better device financing is needed to support mobile industry growth across Africa, and how phone locking technology can assist.

Unlocking Africa’s potential is a two-way sell

Guy Kamgaing, CEO of StarNews Mobile, explains the content conundrum facing Africa – how to satiate the continent’s growing appetite for content while also unleashing and monetising its creativity