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MEO launches cybersecurity service powered by Allot

Net Segura service will provide both network and endpoint security for MEO customers.

Akamai Technologies acquires Asavie

Emphasises the potential of network+ services such as SECaaS

Allot sees success in APAC for its HomeSecure solution

Points to huge opportunity for telecoms firms to provide comprehensive but zero-touch security solutions for SMEs and households

Telefonica expands relationship with Allot

Experiences double digit growth from its SME-targetted SECaaS service

Ivanti announces double acquisition

Ivanti acquires MobileIron and Pulse Secure

There comes a time to pick sides. This is it UK mobile operators.

The UK and the US still permit unregistered mobile SIMs. In the UK these are being used to facilitate serious crime. Teresa Cottam asks the UK industry what it intends to do about the situation.

13% of phishing attacks in Q1 were related to COVID-19

New report from Positive Technologies says attacks are on the increase and attackers quickly adapted to exploit COVID-19 situation.

Do you know what the SIX key features of cybersecurity in the New Normal are?

Find out in our complimentary NEW research paper on 5G cybersecurity

Requirements for User Isolation Protection

Includes a new Green Paper and vendor directory