Media coverage

Some of the media coverage regarding Omnisperience is shown below, with the most recent shown first.

IT Security Guru

User Isolation Protection: Stop Reacting and Get Back in Control

11 May 2020

Frontier Enterprise

Why nanobusinesses may be the next post-COVID-19 B2B frontier

31 March 2020

Advanced Television

Netflix to reduce European Bandwidth

20 March 2020

Bright Talk

Enterprise Security in a Multi Cloud World

11 March 2020

Vanilla Plus

Trillion dollar missed opportunity: Emerging nanobusiness sector overlooked by ICT firms

6 March 2020

The Fast Mode

‘Nanobusiness’ – A Trillion Dollar Missed Opportunity for ICT Providers, says Omnisperience

4 March 2020

Advanced Television

The Missed Opportunity – Telecoms service providers are failing to address the nanobusiness sector

3 March 2020

Advanced Television

Study: Rising satisfaction in UK T&M sector

10 February 2020

Mobile Europe

BT reports ‘below expectation’ results for third quarter

30 January 2020

Disruptive Asia

SK Telecom drops the term ‘telecom’ – is it an industry trend?

Disruptive Asia

B2B Embracing Video and What That Means For Service Providers

21 January 2019

Disruptive Asia

Trust is an essential ingredient in the experience economy

3 December 2018

Telecoms Tech News

Why operators need to forge a greater link between digital transformation and customer care

11 October 2018

Disruptive Asia

Service providers missing critical transformation opp – the bill!

11 October 2018

Bill presentation is an untapped opportunity for telcos – survey

11 October 2018

Vanilla Plus

CSPs still missing out on billing communications blackspot finds BriteBill survey

11 October 2018

Advanced Television

Billing overlooked in digital transformation

11 October 2018

Disruptive Asia

The Internet of Things Needs More Women, But Do Women Need This IoST?

3 August 2018

Computer Business Review

UK Startup Gospel Technologies is Salesforce’s First Blockchain Investment

25 September 2018

Information Age

Landmark investment marks VC’s first venture into enterprise blockchain

25 September 2018

IT ProPortal

How telecoms providers must adapt to the demands of generation Z

15 December 2017

Vanilla Plus

CSPs fail to address the biggest demographic segment, Generation Z

28 November 2017

Disruptive Asia

It’s 2017 and telco billing departments are still confusing customers

27 November 2017