Omnisperience CCAPS Tracker (OCT)

Our CCAPS Tracker – OCT – helps vendors, operators, VCs and PR firms stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the CCAPS market. It combines market intelligence with insight and analyst access.

The OCT provides a bundle of information, insight and deliverables for a single, affordable annual fee. Deliverables include:

Monthly market intelligence

  • Competitor intelligence – contract wins, alliances & partnerships, investment and M&A activity data (Excel)
  • CCAPS Insight – the month’s key news in the CCAPS market in an easily digestible newsletter (PDF)
  • Marketing intelligence – a summary of press releases issued by CCAPS firms, media coverage and new campaign insights (Excel)
  • Customer intelligence – tracking new products, pricing and innovation by CSPs who have launched CCAPS (Excel)
  • Charts for re-use in sales and marketing presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Charts for re-use in external presentations (PowerPoint)

Annual check up

  • CCAPS Yearbook – an annual review of the market, showing market share, key trends and insight. Each year’s subscription entitles you to one yearbook published in April each year.
  • Round up of year’s data (Excel)
  • 1 analyst quote per quarter for your press releases or new product launches
  • 1 hour of analyst access per quarter to ask for further insights, suggest additions to the service, update us, or request small services (such as additional analyst quotes). These quarterly hours can be hoarded and used for a half day session once per year if preferred when they can be used for a workshop or a small project (for example, a short custom article for your blog). Additional analyst access time can be purchased in 8 hour increments, if required.

Please note: The subscription is a standard price regardless of the size of the organisation and includes unlimited internal licences for your employees. It does not permit you to share this licence with your partners or customers, or to publish the information publicly. If you would like to use any information in external presentations – other than that in the external presentation decks we provide – please make a request to do so from Omnisperience. We do not charge you for re-use but we reserve the right to decline permission.