Why sponsor our content?

You want to be a thought leader.

You can’t get in front of your customers.

There’s so much noise, your customers aren’t listening.

You need to educate customers on why they need to do things differently.

These are all good reasons to engage with an independent analyst firm like Omnisperience. What you need is a great idea. Keen insight that no-one else has. Something clear, engaging and fresh. That’s where we can help you.

Fresh thinking and keen insight

(not recycled ideas)

Our clients get high-value insight above and beyond the papers we provide. But we believe good quality research should be available to those who need it, and not just to those who can afford it. Investing to make insight free-to-air means you can share it freely, without having to worry about copyright infringement or licensing fees. But it’s also an altruistic, market- and community-building move.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

For marketing purposes a statistic just has to look provocative. But when multi-million pound investments or your entire go-to-market strategy depend on it, it’s time to get fussier about the data.

All our insights are underpinned with primary research. And we’re very careful about how we collect this. Market research can be great in B2C environments, but often fails in B2B because unless you ask the right questions to the right people you don’t get meaningful insight.

Let’s give you an example of how this goes wrong. It’s no good asking 100 telco marketing managers about their company’s billing strategy and systems (later referred to as “100 telco executives”). Even if they have some knowledge of this it will be filtered through organisational layers. If you want to know about billing, ask the people doing it. What those 100 telco marketing managers can tell you is how billing affects their job, what they’d like it to do that it isn’t currently doing, and where they see the marketing opportunities. Oh, and whether they have input to billing transformation projects or goals. You can then do a gap analysis between what the billing folk think they’re delivering to help marketing and what the marketing folk really need. That makes great insight to take back to your telco prospects.

By asking the right questions to the right people you get answers and insight that help you take the right decisions and influence the right people.

Insight that delivers business value

You’ll soon see the difference between market researchers and independent analysts such as Omnisperience when you ask what the results mean. This is where we can help you turn good quality data into high-value insights that help shape or finesse your strategy, your go-to-market approach and your product development.

But our primary research programmes keep on giving. They don’t just provide unique insights into key market and industry trends, they drive thought-provoking discussions and form the core of well-planned integrated campaigns that maximise the value of your primary research investment.

Adaptive programmes

We can provide as little as the core data, insight and white paper that form the heart of your campaign. Or we can help with other elements such as speaking engagements, podcasts, hosting roundtables, guest articles, and so on. We can also brief your sales teams to ensure they understand our insight and have fresh information to share with prospects and clients. We can work with your executives as a valuable sounding board, source of fresh perspectives and trusted advisor.

Helping you maximise the value from our insight is where we go above and beyond what big analyst firms give you.

Value from experience

Value from experience is not just a tagline but part of our brand values. Our analysts are highly experienced with deep in-depth knowledge of the telecoms market. We don’t get a senior analyst to sell you a project and then give you the school bus. You won’t have to start from scratch with an analyst that doesn’t get you. You’ll be working with someone who really understands what’s keeping telco executives awake at night, what their priorities are and what the blockers are to getting things done. Then we can help you design strategies to overcome the barriers.

In a nutshell we focus on 3 things: how telecoms firms can make money, save money and make their customers happier


Great research should be available to all who need it. Working with us ensures you can share our research with your staff, prospects, clients, partners and others. We value our relationship with sponsors, who gain far more out of the engagement than just a white paper. Our deliverables include

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Analysis and interpretation of research findings
  • Dissemination and application of the findings to your product, strategy, marketing and sales organisations
  • Advice on how to best articulate your messages
  • Insightful and hard-hitting white papers, insight papers and data papers
  • Presentation of research findings in online briefings, client meetings, keynotes, webinars and podcasts
  • Independently written customer case studies
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Infographics
  • Hosting and speaking on webinars, internal or external events.

Current topics

In a nutshell we focus on three things: how telecoms firms can make money, save money and make their customers happier.

That’s why we cover topics such as experience, monetisation, bundling, pricing & packaging, value-adding services, competitive strategy, customer care & support. We are currently looking for like-minded companies to sponsor research in the following areas:

  • Improving the way telecoms firms communicate and engage with their customers to drive loyalty and commercial results. This is part of our DCES programme.
  • Ways in which telecoms firms can increase their revenues, drive loyalty and meet customer expectations by providing cybersecurity, assurance, in-home WiFi optimisation and control, privacy and smart home automation. This is part of our CCAPS focus.
  • The future of customer care and the contact centre.
  • The future of work.
  • Healing the digital divide – what it means in a practical sense to open up access to the digital economy to all.
  • Innovation in pricing, packaging and bundling for the media industry.
  • Exploiting the potential of the CPE.

To find out more about our current programmes, or to discuss a new topic you’d like to sponsor, please contact Sami Gharres If you’d like to talk about custom research for internal consumption, or white label research for external programmes, then please contact us to discuss directly.