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Number portability: text-to-switch isn’t working

The new text-to-switch service is frustrating and doesn’t fulfill Ofcom’s objectives

Brits struggling to pay for broadband

New study reveals persistent digital divide in UK

Having the knowledge doesn’t mean it’s the right knowledge

The DCMS oversight committee is too heavily weighted towards the Media side of the department’s portfolio with no member having a technical background even though they’re overseeing tech strategy and spending

The digital divide sees North & Scotland less able to scrutinise and advise on tech policy

The North & Scotland has little ability to scrutinise decisions made by the DCMS, with the South having 3 times as many representatives on the DCMS Select Committee

Airtagging is another eg of why tech needs more women

Inclusive design is not just ethically the right thing to do, it’s commercially the right thing to do. It stops us making stupid, costly and dangerous mistakes. Which is why investors should be asking tech firms how many women are involved in design

Hong Kong’s IPification launches in France

Asian mobile authentication firm rolls out support in France as it focuses on expanding market share in Europe.

Iskratel expands into UK

Continuing its expansion across Europe, Iskratel has opened a branch in the UK to support FTTH connectivity to underserved regions

Daisy bets big on SME: snaps up XLN for £210 million

XLN acquisition doubles the size of Daisy’s SME base

Billshock: have we still not learned the lessons?

As a UK SME customer is landed with a huge bill, what lessons can be learned?

TMT Analysis launches TeleShield

New solution validates phone numbers to tackle origin based rating (OBR) and international revenue share fraud (ISRF)