UST Global partners with GreyOrange to deliver AI-driven, robotics solutions for fulfilment

UST Global is partnering with GreyOrange, as part of its ‘AI-first agenda’, which leverages technology to offer digital solutions that optimize cost, improve turnaround promises and offer an outstanding customer experience.
GreyOrange is a provider of software and mobile robotics that leverages AI and machine learning to transform and optimize fulfilment operations. It integrates its software and robots into a Fulfilment Operating System to continuously solve distribution centre challenges for the retail and logistics industries. GreyOrange’s Ranger robots communicate with one another, as well as with its central GreyMatter intelligence system, to ensure they co-operate when deciding how to execute warehouse activities, while the solution continuously recalculates order fulfilment priorities and inventory movement patterns to optimise the management of resources and ensure dispatch windows are met. All of which enables companies to keep their fulfilment promises, capture more revenues, and improve the work experience for warehouse employees.
UST Global’s contribution to the partnership will be its ability to implement and integrate complex technologies within the retail landscape.
“Material handling efficiency inside the distribution centre is a key issue faced by the supply chain teams, especially at retail companies,” said Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, General Manager – Emerging Digital Retail Technology, UST Global. “GreyOrange offers a robust yet flexible solution, where we will see a rise in our positive customer experience leading to a threefold increase in productivity. This is applicable even for complex operations in e-commerce fulfilment centres.”
From GreyOrange’s perspective the partnership allows it to scale. “[UST Global] has extensive experience delivering technology-based solutions, and together we create a powerful offering that provides the best service and solutions to clients that need to improve order fulfilment throughput, scale, accuracy, and economics,” explained Monty Waltz, Head of Global Sales at GreyOrange.
The result is a great example of a smart space solution on the B2B side of smart space, as well as being a good example of how robotics and AI can enhance operational efficiency and employee experience simultaneously.

Morgan Lewis
Morgan Lewis


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