Following Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec Enterprise Division, the firm has chosen to retire the Broadcom PacketShaper line of products in order to concentrate investment on enterprise security software. The line will cease to be supported at the end of March 2020, but the company has partnered with Allot to offer an easy transition path to the Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG), which provides a similar service.

The Allot SSG, running the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance Platform, provides network visibility and control with up to 150Gb/s throughput and 600,000 policies on a single device, as well as centralised management, TCP optimisation, inbound and outbound DDoS, anti-bot protection and web security including URL filtering and anti-malware protection. Broadcom customers will be given special terms and discounts by Allot as part of the deal with Broadcom.

Commenting on the tie up, Kevin O’Leary, VP of R&D for the Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom said: “I’ve been impressed by Allot’s commitment to the Traffic Management market and developing best-of-breed technology for their customers. Their dedication to customer service is equally impressive. I’m quite confident that any Symantec customers that takes advantage of their rich offer will quickly learn why I think this is right for them.”

Allot provides network intelligence and security solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide. Its solutions are used by 500 mobile, fixed and cloud service providers for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, and network-based security services. In addition it has more than 1,000 large enterprise customers and its network-based security-as-a-service solution is used by over 23 million subscribers in Europe.

Posted by Teresa Cottam

Teresa is the Chief Analyst at Omnisperience and has over 25 years' experience in the telecoms and technology markets. She is an expert on SME and enterprise telecoms, and has considerable vertical market expertise. Her research focus lies in helping B2B telecoms firms become more commercially successful by better understanding and meeting their customers' needs. She is a judge of the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GloMo's) for customer experience and enterprise innovation, and for the UK Cloud awards. You can follow her on Twitter @teresacottam

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