Openet launches Real time Care Insights

Openet has announced a partnership with Salesforce. The Irish vendor has built a Salesforce-native solution to provide realtime insights into customer usage information to help CSRs resolve billing enquiries more efficiently.

The solution bridges between CSPs’ business support systems (BSS) and Salesforce’s Service Cloud CRM. Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange said: “This [solution] allows for real-time service usage and customer information to be viewed and actioned by service agents in order to proactively improve customer experience and retention by better knowing how the subscriber is using the service.”

Openet says this will speed call resolution times and improve the customer experience. CEO Niall Norton comments: “We are seeing operators look not only to become Digital Service Providers, but to become Digital Experience Providers. This is where Openet and Salesforce can provide pre-integrated, cloud native solutions to deliver richer digital experiences for our customers.”

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Omnisperience’s view

Most of the time bills are correct and customer enquiries and complaints result from customer confusion or misconceptions. However, speedily resolving the enquiry to the customer’s satisfaction is vital. To do that CSRs need to be able to analyse billing and usage data quickly and efficiently. The issue for CSPs isn’t lack of data, but making better use of the rich data they already have. Taking a LEAN approach to digital transformation means pinpointing where CSPs can deliver most benefits to their customers quickly and this type of solution is an example of how this can easily be done to great effect. However, this data has potential far beyond enquiry resolution. It can also be used to tailor offers to customers’ needs, for example, and to create a better digital experience for them.