Gamgee partners with Hebrew University for smart lifespace security

The Dutch CCAPS vendor Gamgee is partnering with Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to overcome the challenges posed by MAC address randomisation by developing machine learning algorithms that enable seamless identification of multi-vendor IoT devices while maintaining high standards of data privacy.

Identifying and authenticating devices on the home network is an essential component of CCAPS, particularly as the complexity of the digital ecosystem grows. Previously, vendors relied on MAC addresses for identification and authentication but forced randomisation of MAC addresses within the supply chain has hampered this process. 

Shaul Levi, Chief Innovation Officer, Gamgee

“The supposed goal of the randomisation of the digital identity of connected smart devices is to improve data privacy. However, randomising a few smart devices has practical implications for the other (IoT) devices and WiFi network in the home,” commented Shaul Levi, Chief Innovation Officer of Gamgee. “It restrains the quality of digital services, impedes inter-device operability and – paradoxically – impairs cybersecurity. Due to this randomisation, other vendor appliances – such as light bulbs, speakers, or cameras – would remain unidentified and unverified, turning them into potential gateways for illicit users to the otherwise protected smart home environment.”  

He adds that to address this issue Gamgee will be collaborating with a team at the Hebrew University led by Professor David Hay. Together they will develop AI-driven lightweight algorithms that are able to identify, authenticate and protect all the connected devices on the home network – regardless of the type of device or the vendor. “Through this collaboration we envision a world where consumers enjoy complete, integrated, multi-vendor interoperable smart home networks that do not leave in doubt the privacy and protection of consumers’ data,” Levi notes. 

Gamgee is a Dutch vendor of hardware-independent smart home and Wi-Fi management solutions, providing services such as parental controls, cybersecurity and management of the network, users and devices. It works with both broadband service providers and hardware vendors.

In May 2020, Gamgee formed a partnership with Blu-Castle to combine their portfolio of wireless and video products, innovative services and engagement tools to deliver high-quality, personalised CCAPS that support broadband service providers in bringing the best smart home technology and home WiFi to consumers. The combined solution offers consumers high-quality WiFi and video equipment, management of the home WiFi network, parental controls, content filtering, security against online intruders, additional privacy with virtual private networking, chatbot support and an in-app commerce platform.