What are CCAPS?

Connected Customer Assurance and Protection Services (CCAPS) are an emerging value-added service provided by digital service providers. CCAPS combine previously siloed technologies to deliver a holistic protection and assurance service that is effortless for households, individuals and SMEs.

CCAPS are automatically delivered as a service through the network by the network service provider. They are a specialised type of value-added service which Omnisperience calls a ‘network-plus’ service. Such services provide a monetisable and differentiated element to a quality network experience.

CCAPS do not replace enterprise cybersecurity but complement it – targetting microbusinesses, nanobusinesses, households, individuals and smaller SMEs. They differ from enterprise solutions in 4 key aspects:

  • they are effortless and fully automated
  • they are affordable for small businesses, individuals and households
  • they are delivered by the network provider not a third-party vendor
  • they combine the traditionally separate domains of cybersecurity, network assurance, smart home technology and privacy protection.

Network service provider do not usually develop these services themselves, but assemble them using technology from third-party vendors. Omnisperience has identified this type of service as one of the most promising for short-term revenue growth for digital service providers and expects that 80% of large service providers will have rolled out a basic offering by 2023. Initial offerings can be broadened over time to create holistic cybersecurity, safety, privacy and assurance services. This type of service incorporates cyberprotection, CPE controls, security & management, WiFi optimisation, ID protection & verification, parental controls, smart home connectivity & security, and even insurance.

CCAPS are the low-hanging fruit of the connected world. There’s proven demand, they’re quick to deploy and revenue streams are sustainable. We expect 8 out of 10 CSPs to have deployed them by 2023.

Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst, Omnisperience

At the core of CCAPS is the connected household where people are living, working and playing. Rather than focusing on individual technologies, CCAPS is a customer-centric concept that sees the service provided from the customer’s point of view, making it easier and safer for them to engage in the digital world.

Digitalisation of the household was accelerated by the coronavirus crisis, but being connected is not enough. The connected household needs to be safe and secure, and receive the network experience it expects. CCAPS aims to do just this and in the process drive up satisfaction, strategically underpin service growth and deliver a much-needed new revenue stream to service providers.

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Teresa Cottam
Teresa Cottam


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