Minim and Irdeto expand into Russia

CCAPS vendors Minim and Irdeto have set their sights on Eastern Europe, expanding into Russia via a partnership with software developer Microimpuls and opening a new data centre in Moscow.

Shane McCarthy, COO Irdeto

“Microimpuls can now provide seamless smart home security to ISPs, creating business efficiencies that generate additional revenue in the process,” commented Shane McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer of Video Entertainment at Irdeto. 

Microimpuls provides a multiplatform, fault-tolerant middleware infrastructure, as well as operating a proprietary subscriber network to communicate live with end users and manage end-user experiences. The company creates applications for devices including smart TVs, smartphones, set-top boxes, media players and HTML5-enabled browsers, serving Russian CSPs, as well as 10 million customers directly. Its existing partnership with Irdeto includes the setup of hosted Conditional Access (CA) for CSPs, which is now expanding to the supply of the Trusted Home solution in Russia. 

Konstantin Shpinev, CTO Microimpuls

Microimpuls’s CTO Konstantin Shpinev explained that his company is excited to be able to offer Trusted Home to the Russian market. “The constant monitoring of network events using AI allows providers to detect and warn operators and users of all home network malfunctions – unmistakably and in the shortest time possible,” he said. “That’s important because the less time it takes to find a problem and fix it, the higher users’ confidence in their operators.” 

The partners’ data centre expansion sees them adding a Russian facility in Q2 2021 to their existing centres in Paris, the US and Amsterdam. Gray Chynoweth, CEO of Minim, says that having local facilities dramatically improves the end-user experience by speeding mobile and web app performance and enabling compliance with regulations such as GDPR that require local data storage and processing.

Gray Chynoweth, CEO Minim

The new Moscow data centre will enable the partners to comply with Russia’s data protection and privacy laws, while its data centre localisation strategy reduces device identification and performance analysis time by 50%, boosts resilience through geographic and cloud service distribution, and expands the DNS server network to speed ad blocking, parental controls and security monitoring.

Commenting on the expansion, Minim CEO Gray Chynoweth stated that this new partnership with Microimpuls is a reminder that secure and reliable home network connectivity is needed everywhere.

Omnisperience’s view

The CCAPS market is still in the early stage of development with vendors having the opportunity to grow by expanding their product offering, increase their market share in Europe and North America, and expand into new geographic markets. While the core technology is appealing to customers globally, localisation is vital both to ensure compliance and to tailor the offering to different geographical market needs.

Omnisperience expects to see a wave of partnership announcements in the coming months. We also believe this is why openness is essential to the success of this market, as it enables CSPs to use a wide variety of device manufacturers and application providers from one core platform, supporting the creation of localised and differentiated offerings while providing ease of use, a single point of control and the flexibility to expand the offering by adding new devices or applications as required.