Gamgee launches PureMesh

Amsterdam-based Connected Customer Assurance & Protection Solutions (CCAPS) vendor Gamgee has announced the launch of its PureMesh WiFi solution.

PureMesh turns multi-vendor and multi-product consumer networks into a fully integrated smart home ecosystem by enabling disparate devices, chipsets and products to communicate and interact – thereby breaking vendor lock in.

The solution supports operators to remotely upgrade routers, extenders and modem-router gateways, and works across a range of access technologies, including  FTTH, DOCSIS, 4G and 5G. It also gives hardware vendors the ability to remotely “meshify” existing routers, gateways and network extenders, helping them solve the problem of endless adaptation of the mesh configuration to new chipset versions, because the PureMesh solution can synchronise interaction between chipset prototypes and standards.

Paul Hendriks, CEO Gamgee

Paul Hendriks, CEO of Gamgee, explained that his company believed in universal, integrated and non-discriminative smart home networks that were safe and easy to use. “We believe in consumers’ freedom of choice to pick-and-mix the components of their smart home ecosystem,” he noted.

Gamgee has built PureMesh on top of its existing smart home solution, which offers consumers a range of digital services such as VPNs, parental controls, and network, user & device management features.

Omnisperience’s View

The reality of smart home solutions is that there are few ‘big bang’ implementations. Rather, customers add to their solution over time. Managing disparate devices and enabling them to work together using a single point of control is an essential component of CCAPS. Importantly, the Gamgee PureMesh opens up customer choice and future proofs these choices by ensuring that even older devices can work together. We agree with Gamgee that it is essential to support customer choice and to avoid vendor lock in. This solution therefore makes a very interesting addition to service providers’ CCAPS portfolios.