Akamai and Plume create new solution for households and SMEs

In an interesting move in the CCAPS market, Akamai and Plume have partnered to create a new service for connected households and small businesses.

The partnership will combine Akamai Security and Personalization Services (SPS) mobile security suite and real time threat intelligence with Plume’s Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform, comprising services and apps for residential internet control and security.

Akamai SPS enables turnkey solutions that CSPs can deploy to their consumer, household and SME customers with Plume’s CEM Platform and bundle of smart services designed to equip CSPs to deliver an advanced layer of subscriber personalisation and security, with optimized Wi-Fi performance and control over their internet services and applications.

Plume’s platform incorporates a back-end support and operations analytics & insights suite called Haystack, as well as its front-end service suite HomePass. Together, the two companies plan to offer a unified subscriber experience for digital services management for homes and businesses. This service helps their CSP customers increase their ARPU and improve customer satisfaction while also reducing operational costs through fewer support calls and truck rolls.

“The combination of Akamai’s threat intelligence and scale derived from trillions of daily internet interactions and Plume’s CEM Platform means we’re delivering advanced, real-time security along with seamless policy control and enforcement for all devices across fixed and mobile networks for families and workers,” said Tyson Marian, Chief Commercial Officer, Plume.

“Plume’s industry-leading technology has been shown to cut service delivery intervals and operational costs, powering CSP digital service offerings that reduce churn,” explained Dane Walther, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Media and Carrier Business Units, Akamai Technologies. He noted that Plume’s technology is already deployed by more than 150 ISPs in over 21 million homes and businesses, which will accelerate the speed of adoption.

Omnisperience’s View

Plume and Akamai have created a comprehensive CCAP service by combining their respective strengths which is both fast to deploy and attractive to customers – creating vital new revenue streams for their digital service provider customers in the process. Plume brings in-home capabilities to the mix, while Akamai adds a more capable security offering than consumers have previously been able to easily access. Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam says: “The Plume and Akamai partnership has enormous potential. It has come to market at exactly the right time, as the Connected Customer Assurance & Protection Services sector is one of the hottest areas of interest for DSPs in 2021. Individually both are strong players; but the combination of the two creates an even more compelling proposition.”

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