Axiata and CSG collaborate to innovate

CSG and Axiata Digital Labs (ADL) are working on a joint innovation initiative for an open API digital marketplace, the partners have announced. The initiative will enable rapid time to market for enterprise offerings, they say, and will integrate CSG’s charging and digital monetisation capabilities with ADL’s Digital Telco Enabler (DTE) open API layer technology to deliver a single open API, multi-tenant, cloud platform.

Ian Watterson, head of CSG’s Asia-Pacific business

“Enterprise opportunities have evolved for service providers and are creating new opportunities for our customers to capitalise on revenue streams that require open, modular, cloud-based architectures for rapid bundling and touchless partner settlement. This co-innovation between Axiata Digital Labs and CSG combines our collective expertise in cloud, open API, modular architecture and microservices technologies to accelerate the launch of digital monetisation use cases.”

CSG is extending ADL’s DTE to its billing and charging customers, which it says will help them increase their agility in terms of rolling out new enterprise offerings. At the same time, ADL is extending the digital monetisation capabilities of CSG’s Ascendon platform to its consumer and enterprise operations.

Namal Jayathilake, VP of Emerging Technologies of Axiata Digital Labs

“Axiata Digital Labs is transforming the way our customers drive revenue and create superior customer experiences through the investment and development of new and emerging 5G technologies, products and services. By partnering with CSG we are creating a breakthrough solution that will help customers from both organisations identify new growth opportunities, operate more efficiently, and create truly unique customer experiences.

The combined solution – which is TM Forum standards compliant – provides a single platform that integrates into CSG and ADL customers’ existing technology stacks, eliminating the need for a full network transformation. The partners say the platform provides the flexibility and scalability to support multiple CSP business models, while simplifying complexities and reducing operational cost.