BT launches real time digital interaction platform

BT has implemented a real-time digital interaction platform across its contact centres to support self-care and digital contract signing. The new initiative is based on technology supplied by Amdocs and Lightico.

Paul Greig, director of Contact Centre Sales at BT and EE, said: “The solution has been remarkable in terms of driving both compliance and business benefits. Following the quick and simple integration, we’ve seen a remarkable uptick in our sales and a step-change in our compliance abilities.”

The initiative has seen BT digitalise its sales systems and remove paperwork for customers purchasing via its website. This has enabled it to bring greater choice and a more intuitive digital journey to its customers.

Amdocs’ Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Media, Network and Technology, said. “Together with Lightico, we’re enabling BT to provide completely digital and compliant customer journeys from wherever their customers feel most comfortable.” This, he said, means BT is now delivering richer digital customer interactions that create significant value for both the company and its customers.

Lightico is a specialist customer experience vendor that specialises in digital onboarding, providing e-signatures, e-signups and ID verification in the telecoms, mobile, media and financial services markets. (see Lightico highlights impact of COVID-19 on businesses’ new digital requirements)

Omnisperience View

COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation both in terms of service provider adoption and the willingness of customers to use digital channels. Post-COVID these improved digital channels provide greater choice and convenience to customers who might not find it easy to get to a branch – due to work commitments, family circumstances, disability or inability to travel – or who simply prefer to interact with companies digitally.

Omnisperience notes that BT’s customer experience initiatives are bearing fruit, with the company improving its satisfaction ratings relative to its peers according to Ofcom. In a saturated and mature telecoms market such as the UK, customer experience and support offer vital differentiation and are essential to customer retention. However, all too often digital experience is a bumpy series of silos with barriers, black spots and channel drop out between them. Smoothing the digital journey is essential to create the type of seamless and smooth experience that customers now expect and there is no more important part of that process than the onboarding and contract renewal stage.