India’s Zee5 gets up close and personal with its customers

Zee5 an Indian OTT streaming service with 72.6 million monthly active users has deployed CSG’s customer data platform to deliver personalised cross-channel entertainment experiences to its customers.

Ian Watterson, CSG’s head of Asia-Pacific, commented that his company was helping the OTT leverage its hugely complex data across 12 languages and more than 1 million content options to deliver a superior and far more personalised experience to its customers. The CSG platform enables Zee5 to engage and retain customers through better insights into their preferences and more personalised recommendations. This, in turn, helps Zee5 differentiate the experience it’s providing within the dynamic and hugely competitive Indian content market, as well as pinpoint opportunities for revenue growth.

“It’s a privilege to work with Zee5 and enable their business to thrive and grow as they bring innovative entertainment to life.”

Ian Watterson, Head of Asia-Pacific, CSG

Zee5 stated that access to synchronised, intelligent data is critical for its business, saying that working with CSG has enabled it to “delight our customers and anticipate their content choices in a much sharper manner”.