Vodafone Germany rolls out new CPE to meet household demand

The disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand in Germany for advanced broadband services. Vodafone is meeting this demand by rolling out new DOCSIS 3.1 gateways with WiFi 6 capabilities from Technicolor Connected Home.

Markus Delfs, Head of Group Hardware Solutions for Vodafone, pointed out that demand for advanced CPE in Germany was already on the rise before the pandemic. He said German subscribers were willing to pay a premium to get faster speed access to their homes and that within the home, there’s a growing need to support multi-user, multi-device traffic. “Vodafone is committed to meeting the increasingly stringent demands of German subscribers and is pleased to be working with Technicolor Connected Home to bring next generation gateways to market,” he noted.

Technicolor Connected Home’s Giovanni Tumino, commented that this was another step forward in the successful partnership with Vodafone and that his company had successfully managed to meet Vodafone’s needs despite considerable disruptions within the supply chain. “Germany is one of the leading and most sophisticated markets for connected-home technology in Europe, and as such German consumers have embraced DOCSIS 3.1 and the associated high quality broadband services to the home,” he said. Tumino said the ultimate goal for Technicolor Connected Home is to help their service provider partners deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to households through advanced CPE.

Omnisperience’s view

Advanced CPE is an essential component of CCAPS as the bridge between the telecoms network and the connected home. As the household transforms into a hybrid lifespace-workspace with increasing numbers of connected services being used, the CPE plays a critical role in adding advanced features, providing the network experience households expect and, when secured, protecting the home network and the smart objects it contains.