TEOCO snaps up SSI

TEOCO has acquired Software Synergy, Inc (SSI), a provider of automated, intelligent network-wide routing and optimisation solutions for network planning and management, with SSI’s Universal Routing Solution (URS) becoming part of TEOCO’s business analytics product suite and its Toll-Free routing optimisation solution – which uses intelligent algorithms and analytics to enable CSPs to manage the Toll-Free routing lifecycle process with greater precision and control – becoming part of TEOCO’s routing portfolio.

The acquisition will also expand TEOCO’s presence in North America where SSI’s URS has been deployed at some of the largest CSPs as well as those with smaller footprints.

“For more than 30 years we’ve supported and managed the infrastructure of CSPs and we’re excited to combine our knowledge, expertise and intellectual property with that of TEOCO’s to deepen the company’s value proposition,” commented Kevin Oxley, SSI’s President and CTO. Oxley has become VP of TEOCO’s routing line of business post-acquisition.

Atul Jain, CEO TEOCO

Atul Jain, Founder and CEO of TEOCO said that he was pleased with the acquisition both from a product and presence perspective and was looking forward to welcoming SSI’s team members, customers and partners to TEOCO.

Terms were not disclosed.