Telstra deploys new smart modem from Technicolor Connected Home

Telstra is deploying the new Smart Modem 3 from Technicolor Connected Home. This is a hybrid modem that not only provides broadband access to Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), but offers 4G network backup to ensure continuous availability of high-speed connectivity. The modem also optimises WiFi within the home and supports WiFi 6.

Nathan Gumley, Telstra

“The Smart Modem 3 shows our commitment to driving industry-leading innovation in our home broadband products. We’ve worked hard with partners such as Technicolor to create a modem which delivers fast and secure WiFi, on more devices, in more parts – especially the furthest corners of the home,” commented Nathan Gumley, Executive of Home & Entertainment at Telstra.

Telstra’s new hybrid modem is built on Technicolor Connected Home’s Homeware technology, which is designed to ensure reliable, consistent connectivity and the ability for Telstra to automatically upgrade features and functions. The open systems-based platform allows Telstra to offer subscribers incremental or additional services – such as smart diagnostics tools that allow Telstra to troubleshoot and optimise the performance of connected home networks remotely.

Mercedes Pastor, SVP Eurasia Customer Premises Equipment Business Unit, Technicolor Connected Home

Mercedes Pastor, Senior Vice President of the Eurasia Customer Premises Equipment Business Unit for Technicolor Connected Home said that the household has become the central hub for work, education, entertainment and digital lifestyles, which makes the feature-rich CPE being supplied by Telstra essential to deliver the features Australians now need.