Nuuday kicks off start of new era with help from Netcracker

Jon James, Nuuday CEO

“We’re making the largest IT investment in our company’s history,” Nuuday’s CEO Jon James said today, announcing a strategic new deal with Netcracker. His company – the largest telecom service provider in Denmark – intends to replace their legacy IT and restructure their commercial and operational processes. “We want to accelerate our pace of innovation and enable Nuuday to deliver the best customer experiences in Denmark,” James continued.

Monika Gullin, CTO Nuuday

Nuuday says this is not just an IT transformation but a business transformation. “We want to radically simplify our IT systems and processes, which are no longer able to support our plans,” explained CTO Monika Gullin. “Our new IT platform will become the company’s backbone, making it possible to continuously streamline and optimise customer experiences and launch new products.”

Benedetto Spaziani, GM Netcracker

Netcracker’s GM Benedetto Spaziani was understandably “thrilled” with the deal, noting that this was a significant deal for the company, showcasing as it does its capabilities in the advanced Nordics region. “This is Netcracker making its mark in the Nordics, and we’re excited at the opportunity to help realise Nuuday’s vision to become a best-in-class provider of customer experience,” he said.

As part of the deal, Netcracker will deploy its Digital BSS and OSS portfolio, along with both professional and managed services. The transformation programme will support all Nuuday’s lines of business, including broadband, TV, mobile and B2B services.