2Degrees goes live with BroadForward STP

New Zealand operator 2degrees has gone live with the BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point (STP), replacing Huawei for 3G core network routing.

The deployment follows close on the heels of their implementation of BroadForward DRA for Diameter Signalling. 2Degress will also deploy BroadForward’s Diameter Firewall, SS7 Firewall and Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

Underlying all BroadForward’s software for mobile core network functions is a common, converged signalling architecture with on-board support for Diameter, SS7, SIP, ENUM, RADIUS and HTTP/2. The firm says all its software products can be configured and managed through a common, graphical user interface (GUI).

Garry Joyce, head of core network at 2degrees, commented: “We are pleased with the new STP and the relative ease with which BroadForward managed the replacement of the legacy systems”.

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward, said 2Degrees’ adoption of the DRA, STP, Firewalls and Number Portability solution was a testament to the benefits of its converged platform. He said this provided “a clear growth path towards future 5G network functions”.