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UK customers still not optimising spend on streaming

Research reveals divide between number of subscriptions and usage

It’s not subscribers that are the problem Netflix, you’re just bad at bundling, pricing and charging

Teresa Cottam looks at how streaming media providers still haven’t grasped the need for more customer-centric approaches to pricing

M1 Intercarrier Business goes live with CSG Digital Wholesale

M1 positions for next-generation wholesaling

Cerillion expands into Eastern Europe

Opens regional centre of excellence in Sofia to support expansion

StarNews Mobile expands into francophone markets via partnership with Orange

Brings affordable mobile video to African audiences across Orange’s 150 million customer base

Rakuten Mobile announces new flexible plan

Latest Rakuten plan flexes with customer usage

How dumb is the telco industry?

The telecoms industry doesn’t want to be a dumb pipe but could actually learn a lot from the water industry.

Business in the New Normal: New customer expectations require new digital experiences

New packages, prices and lots of change make customer communications more important than ever

B2C – why there’s no such thing (and what you need to do about it)

With a complimentary Green Paper on the emerging Lifespace opportunity

Robi Axiata handles data upsurge with help from Tango Telecom

Robi Axiata extends use of Tango’s DRE; NTT DOCOMO sells its stake in Robi Axiata after 12 years